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Clear Glass
Standard glass has a slightly green tinge; the iron content of the glass causes this.
Ultra White, Opti White & Starfire
These types of glass have a lower iron content and when painted will show a more true colour of the paint used.
Tinted Glass
Glass can also be supplied with a grey, bronze or brown tint.
Patterned Glass
Most commonly used for glass inserts.  A large variety of patterned glass is available, translucent laminate (milky white in colour), sandblasted, satinlite, cathedral, flemish, glue chip, seadrift, broadline, artic, wire, spotswood, oxford & narowreed.
Textured or Slumped Glass
Slumped Glass is created by imparting textures and patterns into sheets of glass that result in amazing 3D design effects.  This type of glass is manufactured using high temperatures in a kiln where glass is softened to allow it to melt over and into moulds. The end result leaves the glass textured on one side with the other side being smooth, glossy and undulating. Due to the hand made nature of the process slight variations in the background texture of the glass are common.


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